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About Me

Hello! I'm a writer and a software engineer, currently based in Chicago, soon to be based in the Bay Area. I will graduate from Northwestern University with degrees in journalism and computer science this June.

I have experience writing about race, identity, tech, outer space, NASA, science, and social justice. My work has been published in TIME, Inverse, Racked, the Chicago Reporter, Narratively and more.

I'm also a passionate advocate for diversity in media, and I run a newsletter called True Colors highlighting long form stories by women of color. You can subscribe here.

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Race and Social Justice

Why More Women of Color Than Ever Are Starting Their Own Businesses (TIME)

What Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles Mean Beyond the Olympics (TIME)

How a Group of Asian-Americans Is Spreading Support for Black Lives Matter (TIME)

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How to Use a PGP Key to Encrypt Your Email (Inverse)

The Future Won't Be "Man or Machine," It Will Be Symbiotic (Inverse)

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Internet reforms could limit low-income consumers to 'slow lane' (Chicago Reporter)

Outer Space

Everything You Need to Know About SpaceX's Dragon 2 Crew Vehicle (Inverse)

NASA Bill Stresses Mars Missions, Leaves Earth Science Intact (Inverse)

Unlike Apollo, SpaceX's Moon Trip Won't Have 'LOL' Technology (Inverse)

NASA's Being Cagey About Why a Crewed Lunar Mission in 2019 is a Good Idea (Inverse)

Hubble's Successor Could Find Another Earth in the TRAPPIST-1 System (Inverse)

Turns Out Volcanoes on Mars Blew Up for 2 Billion Years (Inverse)

Health and Science

Are Sleep Apps Junk Science? Here's What Doctors Think (Inverse)

Will Sex Robots Spread STIs? (Inverse)

Space Travel Will Morph the Shape of Your Brain (Inverse)

Some Viruses Can 'Talk' to Each Other (Inverse)

A.I. Can Predict Whether You Have Sepsis Before Doctors Even Know It (Inverse)

Why the Summer Solstice May Be the Happiest Day of the Year (TIME)

News Coverage

Here's How Social Media "Trolls" Influenced Election (Inverse)

Donald Trump Gives Up on the Bedroom Hacker Story (Inverse)

Trump to Meet With Intelligence Officials About Russian Hacking (Inverse)

Thousands of New Yorkers Protest Police Shootings of Black Men (TIME)

New Yorkers Mourn Orlando Shooting Victims: 'They Could've Been Us' (TIME)

Moratorium on SRO conversion while long-term solution is crafted (Chicago Reporter)

Personal Essays

My Complicated Relationship With a Traditional Chinese Garment (Racked)

What Makes These Chat Apps Popular in Certain Asian Countries (Inverse)

No-hyphen (Skin Deep)


Artificial Intelligence is Going to Destroy Fake News (Inverse)

For IoT Devices, Think Beyond 'Wow, That's So Cool' (Inverse)

TCR Talks: The economics of black power (Chicago Reporter)

TCR Talks: Challenging stereotypes about Asian Americans (Chicago Reporter)

TCR Talks: Forwarding race relations one hoop at a time (Chicago Reporter)

Hakka Youth Cultural Identity in Taiwan

How To Save An Ancient Language Before It Disappears Forever (Narratively)

Demographic shift spells language decline (Taipei Times)

Youth find ways to reclaim Hakka identity (China Post)

Investigative Journalism

Death Denied (Medill Justice Project)